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Hawks warn of dodgy Bitcoin investment schemes

The Hawks are tracking a suspected fraudster who’s possibly made off with millions in Ladysmith. 




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  2. They scammed pple wit low mind of intelligent how can i invest to u as individual person???

  3. Maybe he is in China now lol

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  6. everyone wants to be rich. …be happy with the little u have ….not with the nonsense a fool tries to make u believe

  7. you burn his house but the rogue has probably got something posh else where that he bought with ur hard earned money stolen from u all

  8. they were the stupid ones to believe the crook. …put ur money in the bank not in the hands of a skabenga

  9. People will never learn, they don't even know what Bitcoin is and how it works. Never invest in what you don't understand

  10. Mara south africans don't learn from their previous mistakes 😂😂😂

  11. The SAPS and the HAWKS must also deal with MFT Investments fraudsters MR Zikalala and Mr Ledwaba. They did the same thing and now their victims are crying left right and centre.

  12. Can we please talk about the earthquakes ?🙁 Before Joburg concaves

  13. These people are all dumb. They're greedy They deserve this. What happened to due diligence?

  14. black people will never learn… hayi ndaniyeka

  15. Its over for this guy. Once they do find him he will wish he did not try to relive MMM. All I'll say is if its too good to be true then don't do it.

  16. If people can fall for fake sangoma on the street …well this is nothing

  17. Poor people always trust crooks. Just like we trusted Zuma.



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