XRP News today: Moon boots on because XRP IS NOT A SECURITY!

XRP News today: Moonboots on as XRP IS NOT A SECURITY!
Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson is weighing in on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) case against Ripple and the agency’s assertion that XRP is an unregistered security.

In a series of ask-me-anything (AMA) videos, Hoskinson says part of the problem with regulating crypto assets is that tokens are dynamic and hard to categorize.
Yoshitaka Kitao has shared a link to another statement issued by the major Ripple partner and investor from Japan regarding the SEC’s legal suit against Ripple.

Citing an article by an author from the Nomura Research Institute, the document states that, under the Japanese Funds Settlement Law, XRP is a cryptocurrency asset and not a security, as the SEC claims it is for the U.S.

Therefore, the document says, XRP will continue to trade as a crypto asset on Japanese digital exchanges, regardless of the attempts by the U.S. regulator to accuse Ripple of selling “unregistered investment contracts,” i.e., securities.

The statement reminds interested parties that SBI Group does not invest in XRP directly, but rather in Ripple shares. However, it does purchase XRP from the Ripple decacorn to cover the needs of traders at the SBI VC Trade exchange owned by SBI Group.

Thus, the current XRP decline on exchanges does not impact the results of SBI’s business, the statement says
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0:00 Intro
0:28 People put money from XRP to Bitcoin
2:18 Cardano creator: XRP IS NOT A SECURITY!
5:18 Yoshitaka Kitao reiterates XRP is NOT a security!
7:40 XRP Moonboots 😂


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  1. If XRP is a security, then isn't ETH 2.0 also a security? As its success relies on the efforts of the Ethereum Foundation (and it is PoS), so it satisfies the 4th criteria of the howey test.

    If XRP is a security, then ETH 2.0 must also be a security. The two biggest cryptos with genuine use cases will get shot down. In my opinion, the SEC should reframe their views on crypto assets to allow innovation in the space as they're currently suffocating it with unnecessary regulations.

    And this post is coming from a bearish person such as myself. I don't think this lawsuit will go through due to its shrapnel effect on other major crypto platforms that have had significant growth in their respective ecosystems due to other people developing on it.

  2. But what if the sec Win What will happen then serious question?

  3. Nothing will happen until the 8th of January this is because all the exchanges in America are suspending XRP then we will rock it

  4. The Hopium is real

  5. Bora Bora around the corner

  6. “Do not worry my child. God works in

    mysterious ways, so just remember,

    patience is the key. You plan, and then

    God plans, and what happens

    is God’s plan – not yours. Just believe

    that whatever HE has in store for you

    is going to be amazing.”

  7. $0.30 – $0.35 EOY waiting on the rocket booster.

  8. Bitcoin is almost up to 30k and xrp is 30 cents….struggling like a fart in the wind.

  9. I’m finding that my XRP isn’t budging:moving along with bitcoin’ not one inch not one penny 😳 where is was before the snapshot!!
    🤓🤓🤓Or was I imagining it 🧐

  10. no one is talking about the fact that coinbase is considering delisting XRP

  11. Happy dayzzz.. 😑

  12. Just referenced you on WEBULL!!! Great info good luck!!! XRP!!!!!🌊🌊🌊


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