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Binance – Very Short How To on the #1 Crypto Exchange

Thanks for checking out my How to Binance Exchange How To tutorial. BNB for ticker short. This has grown as the #1 exchange because how aggressive it added new coins, double edged because sometimes they have to suspend new accounts.

This is a quick how to guide, buy/sell/trade/share for Binance.

Free Binance Sign up:

Sign the segwit petition to get Coinbase to enable segwit for faster and cheaper transmission fees for ALL!

Places to buy Bitcoin:
💰Get started with CoinBase, new users can get $10 for you and I, win/win.

Another good exchange, services mainly overseas.

Hardware wallets for the extra paranoid, very safe:
Ledger Nano S:
Trezor Black:

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  1. LDX is leading the chart

  2. dude run profit trailer on binance. Its so much money. LOLs.

  3. So I make a gdax wallet and the binance??

  4. Not an all inclusive video, if you want to learn Technical Analysts, I would recommend Tone Vays channel and website. thanks!


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