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Bitcoin Loses 17% — RTX 3060 at $500 — Tesla Bitcoin Profits — Yellen Warns on BTC — RTS 02-22-21

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00:00 Intro
8:49 Everyone Wish a big Get Well to Starlite Doug
12:23 Thank you and the Newegg Shuffle
13:34 Thank you
14:06 Thank you URcdkeys- Windows 10 Pro Key
15:55 CPU Deal Intel 10 cores
17:12 NVME Intel 665p – Gaming Drive
18:31 Prebuilt 6 cores + RTX 1660S + math
24:21 Prebuilt 8 cores + RTX 3070 + math
29:54 Nicehash profitability Calculator – 1660S VS 3070
31:18 Support Tech Deals
46:48 Good MB, Ram and PSU for mining
53:23 NVidia RTX 3060 Pricing Sky-high
1:01:24 Tax rates
1:24:49 Nvidia RTX 3060 Mining Tested – Did they Nuke it?
1:57:23 Rogue a tinny and her first fish – a boot!
1:58:08 Tech’s take on Rogues Catamaran and what he would get!
2:15:58 Best PCIe risers and PSUs to use for mining
2:23:54 Mining using two GPUs
2:27:36 How do you hook up more then one PSU
2:33:19 Yellen Warns about Bitcoin
3:26:42 Tech Thoughts on Mars Rover – Not Happy Jan
3:45:52 NFT sales are on the rise



  1. Flat 10% tax.

  2. There are some countries that you pay for the fire department to come and put a fire that is part of ours taxes paid for.

  3. The hysteria and bullshit around Nuclear Power also makes me very annoyed.

  4. I'd bet you over 90% of the top 10% income earners in America would consider themselves middle class…
    They'd probably qualify it as Upper-Middle class if pressed, but would still say they were middle class

  5. 1:02:52 — Preach, Brother! 1:02:52
    Now good luck when explaining that to the sensitive Europeans & Aussies who seem to get all reactionary-defensive and bury their brain in the sand whenever I explain it

    Yes, my experience is probably representaive of a strong sample bias as I
    would have been talking to most likely either the young, idiots, or
    both young & idiots (a winning combination if there ever was one)
    while all the normie adults already understand why one good manufactured
    in a factory in China then exported half-way around the world in an
    otherwise competitive market retails for $199 in one country while the
    exact same product from the exact same factory is $349 in another

  6. 9:57 — Can I recommend Antigua Guatemala 9:57

  7. I love listening to you guys talk tech or whatever your funny too.

  8. In this day and age, we SHOULD BE MORE ADVANCED than we are!!!!!!!!

  9. you could sail a 40 footer to Hawaii it all depends on you experience

  10. yes

  11. I'm not buying one I'm sticking to my 1660 Super. My cut off for the 3060 was $450. Sorry not paying 3070 MSRP for a 60 series card. And the hash limiter doesn't matter I already see miners curious and planning on buying them.

  12. I actually like these off topic discussions on taxes, society, how the federal reserve works, etc. Very clear explanations!

  13. Shit I linked my bank to nicehash eur wallet the other day. Well too late I guess…

  14. 899 or 1600 usd those prebuilds look good at the moment , but one has to remember to get/already have a game drive

    cause who can get by with 500 or 1tb for os and games etc ? so one can add 80-150 usd for an 1 or 2 tb ssd

  15. I wouldn't be surprised if the RTX 3060 is gonna cost 700 euros here in the Netherlands.
    A 1660 retail is already 534 euro's now!

  16. Local Computer Shop got a whopping ZERO 3060's. Said that their order had been cancelled by vendor because they had to fill a large 100k order for a mining farm. So basically, miners now just have to buy two 3060's to do the job of one. And they are doing just that.

  17. 3:51:57 – To whoever spends this kind of money: You could legitimately get MMO's to create a plot of land for you in their 3D game world for that kind of money. They didn't plan on it, but I'm sure some of them would if offered that kind of money. Why buy a dumb static image of a drawing of land? Then again, you could buy real world land for that kind of money.

  18. Bitcoin falls to a price not seen since…..last week

  19. I am okay with a higher price for an graphics card at msrp… I am not okay with bots getting the cards and you pay 50~100% extra to a scalper.

  20. I feel every day better about my 700 dollar 3070 purchase. 3070 costs now 1200 usd where I live.

  21. I’m two yrs older than tech & agree w/most his views on the space program. It’s a disgrace we haven’t returned to the moon. I can babble..but my tldr.

    Perseverance is amazing! But we should’ve witnessed a lunar launch to mars from an established moon base.

    We’re getting there…but should’ve been there with a larger footprint.

    Lastly. Old lava tubes for habitation vs above ground structures on the moon and for mars.

  22. I’d love to see a long mining rig build stream!

  23. What kind of laser would thumbs down some of the greatest content on YouTube? Yall are fantastic! Love listening while I work.

  24. 1:01 That's why I'm subbed to this channel 20min straight talking about taxation and life in society.

  25. Clicked on ur link for Asus Tuf puter. By time i checked out it said was processing so got it. 10 min later sold out. But got one so now have a 3070. Yeah wish could have got just the GPU but hey its 2021 this is the new world. Have a great day guys.

  26. 3060 at 500??? Lol…l will get console instead. Im not upgrading pc this year…if prices of gpus stay same next year l will quit pc building as it will just be for rich enthusiasts or people without families at that point…the normal works ng family man is being priced out…500 fir a bog standard 3060??? Not a chance. ..

  27. My dad and I a long time ago joked about would you for a million $$ sleep with the landlord from the movie Kingpin

  28. The NDAs for hardware engineers like in nvidia, have penalties in the 100 000$ for minor NDA breaks, and jailtime in the 5-10y for corporate espionage. No software engineer in nvidia is leaking code.

  29. Taxes are idiotic overcomplicated rules made by that not so intelligent government. Why even pay in taxes for getting paid if you just get it back anyway. That is the a very good way to know that the government's tax system is very inefficient. Taxes on paid income should not yield returns just as you don't get returns on taxes for buying stuff.
    Paying taxes for getting paid is stupid but paying taxes for money spent (including on taxable assets that support local) is absolutely necessary.
    i never got $30 dollars for my 970 and never will. People need to stop being so thin skinned and stupid. Use your heads for more than sunglasses and hats. People's reaction nowadays is to band together and burn whatever displeases them at the steak for no reason. At least Nvidea is doing something to limit the artificial price gouging of resellers. If Nvidea gets sued over this only means people really are stupid for people being startled by something they should already know.

  30. Tech buy a house in Queensland under 1% interest rates. Cmon down buddy 😀

  31. Tech the human shield! Such a good man 😄

  32. Thanks for the streams Tech and Rogue! <3

  33. Feel like people forget the 10% of the population owns 70% of US money. Meaning the other 90% that the day “drives” the economy is basically moving around the other 30%.

    50% of the population makes at or near minimum wage, and minimum wage is barely enough to cover cost of living plus things like insurance.

    When the upper middle and rich tell you free health care is a scam, it’s because it doesn’t benefit them. But it does benefit the other majority of the country.

  34. Thx for ure work

  35. that Mars Rover would be a good Byte Size Tech. So would the Bitcoin section before that!

  36. In the 2 years I’ve been watching I’ve seen a lot from tech from deals of $100 for 32GB of ram to justification for a $1.1 million Yacht lol 😂

  37. Tech: it’s not a yacht!
    Googles the boat he would buy: IT LITERALLY SAYS YACHT! lol 😂

  38. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 8% home loans. We don't get home loans for anything less than 14%

  39. Marriage is good….done it once

  40. While watching this yesterday evening, I thought about the feasibility of mining a single Bitcoin. As you know, I have a single 3060ti.

    A Bitcoin was valued at about $50,000 a few days ago. My GPU was mining at a rate of about $7 a day. Even if I ran it 24/7, it would take me over 19 years. That's assuming the price of Bitcoin won't rise (it will, probably), the difficulty won't increase (it will, several times over), my power rate doesn't go up (HAHAHAHAHAHA), and my hardware lasts that long (It'll be lucky if it sticks around 3 years, much less 19). In fact, I would wager that the efficiency of my miner would crater from 1/19 to below 1/1900 before that time comes. It is literally impossible for my GPU to get even a single Bitcoin, period.

    To have even a chance of mining one whole Bitcoin, I'd need 1) several GPUs, preferably 6-8, or a whole rig, 2) better GPUs (like some 3080s or 3090s right now, and 3) replacing them with suitable upgrades every generation. The 3080 currently earns about $14 per day, so six of them would be hashing about $84. At the current rate, those 3080's would earn about 2/3 of a Bitcoin in the next year, assuming the difficulty doesn't increase in that time (and it might).

  41. Nice time stamps lol


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