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Why Bitcoin is Going to 10 Million Dollars this Decade!

In this video, we discuss the history that inspired the creation of bitcoin and talk about how the federal reserve has no choice but to continue printing money until the dollar becomes worthless. We have been seeing lately that no matter how much the federal reserve tries to convince the world of low inflation no one believes it. Despite all the recent stimulus spending and money printing, the markets are pointing down. Bitcoin is pointing up. When the stock markets are down, bitcoin is going up, when the stock markets are up, bitcoin continues to climb up. This is the inflection point. Bitcoin is no longer related to the equities markets. It’s now officially an uncorrelated asset class that is far superior to any other asset class that has ever existed in the history of the world. In this video, I also talk about the wealth gap and discuss how the Nixon dollar has hurt the economies of the world and reduced the living standard.



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