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CRO COIN has gone up a lot recently as many people are buying the online digital crypto exchange and potential nft marketplace which uses blockchain technology. Its gained over 650%+ in recent weeks and today I analysis what is required if Cro is going to keep going up or not. Today it has pulled back and gone down 20% but should you sell cro coin? Cro coin analysis, Cro coin prediction. It Going To The MOON or CRASHING?! ( coin coin Analysis). cro Network Price Prediction? – cro Price Increase Coming? – cro coin Price Prediction 2021? – cro crypto is going to get more traction? coin, WHEN TO GET IN? how do you buy cro crypto?

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  1. When Is next burn? Like in february

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  3. nought point two right now LOL. almost all the currencies took a right toss down, I think the downtrend is more indicative pf a factor that affects almost all top 100 coins.

  4. How long did it take for your card to arrive?

  5. I’m still waiting for my card….. 6 weeks!……. might be contributing to the crash…..😡

  6. I am not as educated on crypto as I would like to be. I'm bullish on CRO based on the company's strategy. I'm more bullish on how careful they have been with avoiding the 'securities' label. They have been repeatedly stating "the market decides the coin price". They burned the supply the company held in the coin and opened it up to public contribution.

    There will probably be a securities blood bath once American politics stabilize. Maybe before.

  7. All coins are down, nothing to be worried about, cro has a good solid future and will be back on track very fast. A very good point to buy more i would say🤗🤗

  8. Cro makes money by adding customers by their cards to staking ect with intrest paid so is it good to keep the price down while adding customers? Yes, they pay lower amount out in total and I believe they want the cro token to be low until they reach their goals. But how long will that take? And today its down to .18 usd and they probably happy so to keep less going out to paid intrest. My question is when do they pay these intrest to its customers and is their a correlation to the price?

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  10. I need some information about the ORN coin. Is it suitable for trading these days?


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