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WABI Cryptocurrency Price Prediction. $WABI Crypto Short Term Technical Analysis. 4-7-21 WABI $WABI

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WABI Cryptocurrency Price Prediction. $WABI Crypto Short Term Technical Analysis. 4-7-21 WABI $WABI

-Disclaimer : The above references an opinion and is for information and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. This video contains our opinion only and is not meant to cause harm or defame anyone or any entity. This is not an offer to sell or buy securities.
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This channel is to be used for educational purposes. That being said, we plan on becoming the Small cap gem community and sharing investment ideas, strategies, best investment/trading practices, and other financial education to become a one stop shop for all things finance, investing, and trading. Let’s all make stock market gains and cryptocurrency gains together. We focus on a mix of OTC/penny stock investing, Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin, swing/day trading, and long term/etf investing.

Basic definitions to know;

Altcoin- Any cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin (and some would also say Ethereum as well)

Satoshi- smallest unit of bitcoin. Same as a 100 millionth of a bitcoin

OTC: stands for over the counter. These stocks are not listed on formal exchanges.

OTC Tier system and information ;

OTCQX- top tier of OTC stocks, high quality financial standards with info readily available.

OTCQB- Middle tier of OTC, not held to certain financial standards but they are current in reporting.

OTCpink- bottom tier and deemed the riskiest in the OTC, there are three types of pinks that describe how much financial information is available. They are Pink Current Information, Pink Limited Information, and Pink No Information

Stop sign- Company is not reporting financial data to the OTC Markets.

Skull and crossbones/double diamonds/yield sign- Very risky. Typically delinquent companies.

Triple zero: the smallest value penny stocks that exist. Usually these companies have 10s of billions of shares outstanding

Penny stock: By definition, they trade under $5 per share

Micro cap: under 25 million dollar market cap.

Small cap: stocks with a market cap of under 2 billion dollars.

Medium cap: stocks with a market cap of 2-10 billion dollars.

Large cap: stocks with a market cap of 10 billion dollars or more.

Dividend: a share of company profit paid out to investors. Not all stocks pay dividends.

Blue chip: no true definition. These stocks are established, reliable, well known, stable, have a good reputation, and typically operate profitably.

Market leader: the #1 stock in every sector that other companies try to imitate or compete with.

Short: betting the price of an asset will go down.

Long: betting the price of an asset will go up.

Bullish: believing an asset will increase in market cap.

Bearish: believing an asset will decrease in market cap.

ETF- Exchange traded fund

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  2. My entire life story change to better since I came across this guy on telegram possible_hacks I really appreciate🙏🙏 Sir

  3. My entire life story change to better since I came across this guy on telegram possible_hacks I really appreciate🙏🙏 Sir

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  6. According to the daily chart, BTC/USD breaches US$59,75O as all-time high beckons. The king coin is seen trading well above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages at US$56,683. More so, the Bitcoin price is within touching distance of forming a new all-time high above the previous high of US$62,OOO, which is quite remarkable. Presently, the Bitcoin price is trading comfortably towards the upper boundary of the channel as the price establishes a new bullish signal. Like the look of things, one could say that the long-term outlook favors the bulls, giving the daily close produced a large bullish engulfing candle with eyes now set on the daily resistances at US$64,OOO, US$66,OOO, and US$68,OOO respectively.  My Advise to Beginners ,Old Investors and Long Term HODLERS , if you want to make more Gains with what you have already Invested, You will need the support and Counsels from a Great-Crypto Mentor and coach like mine. “ (Dr. Mike Laury )” will guide you through any difficulties in Trading , I have made over USD 46O,OOO in Btc profit since the November Rally, with the 1BTC I bought at 12,780 USD, Thanks to my Mentor and Counsellor [ @Mikelaurycrypto ] on Telegram, I found his advice very helpful in my situation.

  7. Now here is a wealth creating tip I'll share with you and your subscribers because we all benefit from it. Those who act fast will benefit the most.

    WINk is going to go to .01+ this month like BTT did. The whole market is just took a dip. Great time to buy.

    WINk has a sister project by the same people. They talk about it on WINk's twitter. It's called Blink (BLK) it's based on the Binance Smartchain and sold only on Pancake swap at the moment…

    Blink only has a 1B Supply (I have heard only 90M is actually circulating) and the marketcap is between 25M to 100M (depending on the source) I started getting in at .036 it's now at .27 I've bought over 100K Blink. It reached .47 before the dip. I have heard a Binance listing is in the works as well.

    The Tokinomics on Blink blow away WINK and it won't be long befoere it really takes off, I could see it going to dollars possibly due to there only being 1,000,000,000 supply.

    Full Disclosure: I have both, I have 10 Mil WINk to my 100K Blink. I wish I had found both a couple months sooner, I ignored WINk when it was really, really cheap because it's large marketcap.)

    Load up on Blink Lower Supply and Lower marketcap and it's basically the same projects starting from scratch on a different chain. NOT Investment Advice, just my own opinion. DYOR to confirm what I have said for yourself.

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