XRP Ripple news today: SEC v. Ripple important dates ahead, media players on XRP, 10K subs GIVEAWAY!

XRP Ripple news today (4/25): SEC v. Ripple important dates ahead (Ripple execs motion to dismiss, SEC motion to strike, Deaton motion to intervene), major media taking note of XRP, & 10K subscriber GIVEAWAY!

XRP Ripple news today:
► Crypto market down – still time to buy
► Important dates: Garlinghouse and Larsen’s Motion to Dismiss
► Important dates: SEC’s Motion to Strike
► Important dates: Deaton’s Motion to Intervene
► 10,000 Subscriber Giveaway:


Filan Law tweet with conference dial-in

Dates on Motion to Dismiss (Garlinghouse and Larsen) and Motion to Strike Ripple Fair Notice Defense

Dates on Motion to Intervene (Deaton)

00:00 Intro
00:25 10K subscriber giveaway!
02:51 Upcoming dates: call on 4/30
05:03 Upcoming dates: Motion to Dismiss
05:51 Upcoming dates: Motion to Strike fair notice defense
06:57 Upcoming dates: Motion to Intervene (Deaton)
08:54 Ripple’s big move: larger publications take note
12:47 Concluding thoughts



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  2. What are your thoughts on Xaurum coin it's backed by gold or X8X coin it's backed by 8 international currencies what about Aurei coin?

  3. ATH inbound soon (I hope 🙂)

  4. I believe XRP has been underestimated; Looking at the current supply of XRP, it will explode after April 30 and the price will be close to bitcoin if it has not switched to bitcoin since XRP's base is stronger than Bitcoin. Bitcoin is run by a [ghosts] where you could lose your money at any time, especially if the claim was legitimate against its Ghosts developers. On the other hand, when XRP completes this trial, there will be no more obstacles in the future for XRP! Chances are, this will be the next trusted cryptocurrency 👈

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  6. So basically the court case isn’t close to be decided til mid June when sec will have to decide whether to fork over their skeletons in their closet or drop lawsuit. Is that correct?

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