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Ethereum & Bitcoin Technical analysis, news, price predictions and more!


Moonstarter – First decentralized multi-chain Launchpad:

Wilder World IDO launching May 11th on Polkastarter:

AIOZ showing impressive adoption:

ArGo IDO on May 12th:

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⏰ Timestamps
Intro: (0:00)
Market review: (0:24)
Ethereum technical analysis: (0:54)
Ethereum vs Bitcoin technical analysis: (2:07)
Bitcoin technical analysis: (2:43)
Ethereum on lower timeframes: (3:08)
Bitcoin on lower timeframes: (3:32)
Moonstarter – First decentralized multi-chain Launchpad: (3:43)
Lots of ETH sent to ETH 2.0 staking contract: (6:37)
Ethereum will flip Bitcoin – Here’s how: (7:28)
Wilder World IDO launching May 11th on Polkastarter: (10:01)
CFO of Ray Dalio left to join a bitcoin company: (10:57)
AIOZ showing impressive adoption: (12:51)
11k btc flown out of Coinbase – bullish: (13:40)
What if Doge flips bitcoin this year: (13:53)
ArGo IDO on May 12th: (14:16)
The bankers starting to realize they need to join bitcoin: (15:18)

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  3. Buy dip Dogecoin now while you can…

  4. Buy dip Dogecoin now while you can

  5. One of the best channels…I like how you get in and out..allow us to do our own research.

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  9. Question, if I have some ethereum and for example now is on high peak should I sell it and wait for go down around 10% and buy it again? For example my gains % on it is around 30% now. Thanks for the help😋

  10. Could you give some info on GMR Finance?

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  13. October 31 – BTC=225k; ETH=35k; ADA=25

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  16. Buy and Hold Ada, Eth, Shiba Inu, Pig Finance, Xrp, BABB and Kishu Inu Kishu swap is coming

  17. Eth tsunami

  18. I wonder if ETH will fall by 80% again, now with institutional investors buying ETH ETFs coming.

  19. Eth at $30 at the end of this year

  20. How long do you think this bull market will continue

  21. Ethereum to 15 k this year !


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