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How to buy altcoins from Binance? Create your free Binance account here and get your very first cryptocurrencies in minutes: (Link grants you -5% discount on trading fees, as it is official affiliate link)

STEP #1 – Create your Binance account
First thing you need to buy cryptocurrency from Binance is your free Binance account. The registration process is easy, just follow the instructions: Fill your contact details, prove your identity (standard KYC practice worldwide), and finally, wait for the confirmation of your account.

Create your Binance account here: (Link grants you -5% discount on trading fees, as it is official affiliate link)

STEP #2 – Decide the cryptocurrency (altcoin) you want to buy
In case you want to buy altcoins from Binance, you often first need to buy either Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Binance Coin (BNB). This is because Binance uses these as “trading pairs” for the altcoins that you want to buy.

So first, identify the altcoin that you want to buy. Then identify the trading pair that you need to buy from Binance to get your altcoin. All of this is shown in the video.

STEP 3 – Buy your “trading pair” crypto (explained in step #2)
This is plain and simple. Once you have identified the trading pair crypto that you need to get your altcoin, open the “Buy Crypto” tab on Binance. Fill in your credit/debit card info and proceed with the checkout.

STEP 4 – Buy your altcoin
Now that you have your trading pair crypto, simply open the “Markets” tab on Binance. Select the search bar and write in the name on your wanted crypto altcoin.

Here you may have multiple different trading pairs to select from. Pick the one that matches the trading pair crypto that you earlier bought in step #3 and click “Trade”.

Finally, in the view that you have now open, 1) fill in the price you want to pay for your crypto, 2) fill in how much crypto you want to buy, or how much you want to use to do your purchase.

Then, click “Buy”.

That’s how you buy altcoins fast on Binance.




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