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ETHEREUM EIP 1559 MEGA PUMP INCOMING!!!! Price Prediction, Technical Analysis, News

Ethereum & Bitcoin Technical analysis, news, price predictions and more!


Creator Chain – Blockchain as a service platform:

NFT stars IDO and listing happening today:

Automata Network AMA on Binance, pancakeswap giveaway:

Mochi Mainnet launch happening today:

Mozik IDO happening today & tomorrow:

⏰ Timestamps
Intro: (0:00)
Market review: (0:29)
Ethereum technical analysis: (0:49)
Bitcoin technical analysis: (2:30)
Ethereum vs Bitcoin technical analysis: (2:52)
Ethereum on lower timeframes: (3:53)
Bitcoin on lower timeframes: (4:43)
Creator Chain – Blockchain as a service platform: (5:52)
Elon Musk pumping scammy coins: (8:22)
NFT stars IDO and listing happening today: (9:38)
Bitcoin continuing to grow: (10:46)
Automata Network AMA on Binance, pancakeswap giveaway: (11:00)
More bullish fractals for Bitcoin: (12:00)
Mochi Mainnet launch happening today!!: (13:30)
ETH fundamentals looking amazing: (12:00)
Mozik IDO happening today & tomorrow: (14:56)

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  7. Is Ethereum 2.0 a different coin from Ethereum? Is one better then the other?

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    “Ethereum is looking very bullish”

  14. Eip isn’t coming!!! Around 2022

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  17. Hedera hasgraph

  18. Thank you for the Excellent ETH Content 👍

  19. I'm w/ you on this, I'm not that sad it's dropping, great buying opportunities, technology isn't going anywhere, tech is here for long term, and so are We.

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  21. ETH and any other ALTS WILL NEVER be decoupled from BTC unless all the exchanges sell ETH coupled to BTC.

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  25. We are so lucky to be here early before ETH pumps to the moon 🚀


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