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Future of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Basics ft. Nischal Shetty | Taking Risk as an Entrepreneur

In this episode, I’d a great conversation with Nischal Shetty. He’s the Founder of @WazirX: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange in India.

In this episode we discussed the following topics:-
Chapter: 1
00:00 Introduction
01:02 How to Earn from Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies?
03:10 What is bitcoin in simple words?
05:34 What is the actual advantage (use case) of Bitcoin as compared to other payment options?
08:11 Is there any separate use case of other Crypto Currencies?

Chapter: 2
10:48 What is blockchain?
13:51 When did you first invest in Bitcoin? Is it too late now to invest in Crypto?
16:54 How much percent one should invest in Crypto according to you?
19:50 Recommendation to initial investors to avoid any mistake while investing?
25:10 Arnab’s experience in 2017 while investing in altcoins

Chapter: 2
28:24 Is crypto legal in India and is there a chance of ban again in India?
31:05 Why there is so much fluctuation in Bitcoins?
33:39 Do you think cryptocurrency is just hype as said by other investors?
36:56 Entrepreneurship journey and how did you decide to enter this field?
39:55 How did you take the risk of starting a crypto startup? (fear of ban)
43:14 When the supreme court did allow crypto what was your lowest moment and how did you motivate yourself and moved forward?
45:13 What was your thinking about accepting the acquisition offer?
47:30 Tips to our young entrepreneurs and how to build a successful startup?

49:59 Viewers Questions
50:07 Q1: What is the future of blockchain startups in India? Is there any incubation facility for blockchain startups?
52:03 Q2: Do you have any plan to invest in blockchain startups in the future?
53:15 Q3: How is your company planning to stay operational in long term and expanding as people hesitate to take risks in investing in crypto?
55:06 Q4: In India, the best scenario related to the blockchain is the trading of cryptocurrency, we don’t focus on mining crypto, so it is already saturated or we can work in this field?
56:06 Q5: Can mining be explored in other fields also other than just cryptocurrency?
57:21 Q6: How can beginners build confidence that the money is not at risk in crypto?
1:01:42 Conclusion
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  1. Sorry to say mujhe wazirx se crypto purchase karne me 6 days laga, 1st bank details verification hone k baad payment details reflect show nahi kar raha tha, 2nd jab final payment kar diya to wazirx k wallet me add hone me 2 din laga, overall pathetic app experience 😑

  2. Yeah shetty or wazirx fraud hai

  3. How do I send Bitcoin to my freind USA like money?

  4. Just am thinking to open account 8n wazirx but now no because binance is Chinese company. I will never ever use Chinese service or product

  5. Hi Dear Arnav
    How can I contact you, could you please provide me your contact !

  6. Bakwas koi exchange guarantee nahi leti ki koi coin band nahi hoga

  7. Kay curecny band ho jati hai uska responsible kon hai

  8. Aap n pahle company ke details kaisi h kya banati h kab starthua ye sab batao fir interview n samajh me ayega ya fir highlighted company ke founder ka interview vi liya karo

  9. Sir Maine BTT M investment Kiya hai 150,000 kya sir ye paisa dubega to nhi please reply sir,,, wazirx k through Kiya hai

  10. Basically he want us to invest in bitcoins so as to increase it's value as people demand more.

    His company being among first wants to capture maximum customers. This will increase demand of bitcoins and also exchange will mine more currency.

    I am not convinced with his argument that bitcoin transaction are cheaper than banks. As ultimately all bitcoins would be converted to actual fiat money.

    Bitcoin's use is mere speculation and nothing else.

  11. Bhai audio ke liye kuch karo

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  13. Sir please make interview founder of cred ,masai school

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  16. I make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with mrs elizabeth, her trading strategies are top notch notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade

  17. Awesome interview ❤️

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  19. Arnab Bhai Humko Crypto Trading Sikhna Hai To Kaise Seekhe? Kyonki Crypto Ke Baare Me Bahot hi Kum Details Available Hai Aur Youtube Pe To Jyada Jankari Bhi Nahi Hai. To Please Kuchh Help Kare

  20. Bro tell them to open upi in wazirx

  21. I think cryptocurrancy should ban

  22. Quirky Inquiry :
    How Bitcoin was bought earlier before any crypto trading platforms ???????

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  24. Thanks Arnab for interviewing Wazirx founder Nischal shetty

  25. Bhai mai apka suru se subscriber hu and i love your content ,aap jb bhe interview lo to sidhe product pe matt aao,aap founder ke journey suru kaise ke,kha se fund liye,ky difficulties aye,future growth kaise krega companies ke ,aise sawal taki hum journey jann sake founder ke

  26. Which is best platfrom coin switch or wazirx ?


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