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Winklevoss Ethereum Price Prediction – 4 TOP Analysts on Why ETH will hit $100,000+ Ft. Raoul Pal

Winklevoss Ethereum Price Prediction – 4 TOP Analysts on Why ETH hits $100,000+ Ft. Raoul Pal – An Ethereum Documentary

Is Ethereum incredibly undervalued right now? Could it go, hypothetically, to 20,000, 40,000 or even over 100,000+ dollars?

In todays, video, we are going to go over 4 investors who have high conviction that Ethereum is currently extremely undervalued.

These investors all are at the top of their respective fields and range from technology billionaires such as the Winklevoss twins, to James Wang an ex ARK invest equities analyst.

All 4 of these investors have made heavy bets that Ethereum is going much higher, and explain why they have personal price targets ranging from $20,000 dollars, all the way up to over $100,000 dollars for the next few years.

Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where we will go over Vitalik Buterin the creator of Ethereums latest interview and Why he thinks Ethereum could be worth much more in the future.

Ethereum price prediction Ethereum. In this video, Tyler Winklevoss of the Winklevoss twins explains his Ethereum valuation and its path to much higher dollar valuation.

Tyler Winklevoss discusses his hunch and how he believes Ethereum can become bigger than Bitcoin. Even though he believes Ethereum can have a larger market cap, he still holds most of his holdings Bitcoin.
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0:00 Intro (Top Analysts on why ETH is UNDERVALUED!)
2:21 Winklevoss Twins – WHY Ethereum is undervalued.
5:27 Winklevoss Twins Ethereum Price Prediction (Low-cap Model)
7:16 Raoul Pal – ‘The biggest, clearest bet of all is Ethereum…’
8:37 Raoul Pal (Ex-Hedge Fund Manager) Ethereum Price Prediction
9:43 Analyst James Wang – (Why Ethereum will SURGE)
11:52 James Wang Ethereum Price Prediction (Higher than Raoul)
14:15 Analyst Dr. Nikhil Shamapant – (How Ethereum goes to $100,000+)
16:10 How Ethereum = Apple Stock 10 Years ago (Supply SHOCK)
19:30 Creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin (Future Apps built on Ethereum)

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