Realistic XRP Price Prediction!! How Much Can You Make If Ripple Beats SEC?

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00:12 Ripple & XRP
01:24 What Ripple is doing
02:46 Ripple v SEC
04:15 How High XRP can go
06:58 Calculating Your Investments
08:23 XRP’s Coin Supply

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**I am not a financial adviser. Please do your own research before investing. Only invest what you are willing to lose.

Hi guys, today we are going to talk about Ripple, what it does, how high it can go, and most importantly, how much you can make if it goes on a bull run. And obviously, I have the spreadsheet below so you can input your own numbers and see how much you can make too!

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Ripple/xrp Summary – Ripple is a company that wants to create a new way to transferring money across the world. The current system, Swift, takes 3-5 business days and has high transaction fees. With XRP and Ripple’s technology, people can send money in 3-5 seconds with virtually no fees. It’s like comparing the old dial up internet to the new 4g internet now. Remember how hard it was to watch porn back then? Now,how big is this market? Well Swift currently transfers $5 trillion a day, 1.25 Quadrilion dollars a years. The entire market transfers over 2 quadrillion dollars a year so there is a lot of potential for Ripple even if it just takes a fraction of Swift’s customers with a better and cheaper payment method. Currently, Ripple is locked in a legal battle with the SEC on whether it should be considered a currency or a security. If it is labeled as a security, it will have more regulations than a currency which will not be good for the XRP token. However, it seems likely that Ripple will either win or settle with the SEC, which is good news for them and for the the price of xrp.

So if all goes well, how high can we expect XRP to go? Well I can say $20 per coin, or people like Bitboy saying $30 per coin. But that is based on opinion with almost nothing to back it up. It’s like me saying that there is a chance my wife won’t yell at me next month. Could that happen? Yeah, is it likely? Definitely not. For me I think a good way to see how XRP can really go up is to compare it to Ethereum’s market cap. I got this idea because they both have uses for their coins and they were also compared to each other in 2017 at the height of the crypto bull market. So I think XRP with Ethereum will give you a more realistic estimate of its potential.



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