XRP Price Crashing Is Nothing To Worry About! Ripple Lawsuit Update!

We saw the entire world of crypto come down crashing. Whether it is XRP or any other altcoin out there, it was a red day. So what exactly happened? Well in today’s video I will explain in detail exactly why the price of XRP and other altcoins crashed. Having said this, I do want to remind you that this is temporary and the prices will go back up again.

Also in the video I talk about the recent updates coming from the Ripple XRP lawsuit. The lawsuit is going to have a massive impact on XRP price for the future. Ripple has sent out a letter to the Judge asking information regarding if any SEC employees traded XRP.

If there is one thing to take away from this XRP video, it’s that do not panic. Investment in the world of crypto is for the long run and can take years. This and more XRP news today!


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