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The U.S. Military is the Biggest World Polluter, Not Bitcoin

►Recap of everything Bitcoin for September 18-19th, 2021
► Coinbase announces their largest deal with the Feds yet, signing a $1.36M contract with U.S. Homeland Security to provide ICE with financial surveillance software… this is a 40x bigger contract than their last. ICE is not the first federal company to request services from Coinbase… ask yourself why?

► On a fiat standard, war is not only affordable but its profitable – on a Bitcoin standard, war is very expensive, disincentivizing it. The U.S. military is the biggest polluter in the whole world – NOT Bitcoin. The reason we don’t know about that is because in 1997 the Kyoto Protocol exempted the military from reporting their emissions.

► Biden’s treasury department declares that IRS now will monitor transactions of all U.S. accounts over $600 – including all Bitcoin & sh*tcoin transactions. Another unconstitutional tax change has also been snuck into the infrastructure bill – requiring all counterparties to surveil each other, even without an intermediary.

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