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Who doesn’t like free money?! Another huge crypto airdrop has happened, and thanks to Shapeshift being a trail blazer thanks to Erik Voorhees they are ditching their company and w-2 employees, moving Shapeshift to become a decentralized company run by a DAO and selling the assets associated with Shapeshift and moving to become simply token holders and work on becoming a decentralized exchange and much more. They have decentralized their tokens, the FOX token, with the biggest crypto airdrop in history… Let’s review the Shapeshift FOX token airdrop, why it happened, and how to claim your FREE FOX tokens and why you may want to liquidity mine with them instead of selling them!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 New Airdrops Incoming
02:36 How to claim BrightID BRIGHT token airdrop
04:14 how to use metamask DeFi guide
05:43 Where can I find and participate in new airdrops?
07:19 CrazySkullz NFTs
08:09 Gitcoin grant donate to get free crypto token airdrops
10:32 DYDX airdrop eligibility and how to claim
11:26 opensea airdrop
12:26 airdrop
14:16 Frogs In Disguise NFTs
17:00 airdrop & quests
19:55 metamask token airdrop

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