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Crypto News: Bitcoin Solana $ETH $ADA $MSFT $BABA, Fix the World, Hyperinflation and more

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Live Crypto Market Update

0:00 The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

0:30 Community 1hr Livestream Q&A – No Supers

1:30 Crypto Market 3 Mth High $2.036T

2:30 Bitcoin Dominance Down to 44.26%
ALTS ARE strengthening ADA, SOL up to 0.95%

3:10 Everything Hyperinflating Against BTC
Excessively – hyperinflating prices rem it is going to be important to denominate everything in Bitcoin. What appears to be a rising stock market is not the case at all.

4:00 Fix the Money – Fix the World

4:50 Retail w Less than 10BTC Can’t Get Enough
Retail’s holding (less than 10 BTC) as a percentage of overall supply is hockey-sticking up.
The little guys are buying more Bitcoin than ever before.

6:00 Institutions Bought $42.7M GBTC $3.8 ETHE
Catherine Wood’s Ark Investment Management led the way by adding 881,842 shares of GBTC and 82,867 shares of ETHE,
Rothschild Investment came next adding 100,000 shares of GBTC, almost tripling its exposure from approximately 40,000 last quarter. Rothschild also added 13,817 shares of ETHE.
Parkwood The firm added 32,000 more shares of GBTC bringing its total to 125,000 while also buying into ETHE for the first time bringing its total ETHE holdings to 189,275

7:00 GBTC Premium
According to YCharts, shares of GBTC are trading at a discount of 10.4% over NAV

7:20 ETHE Premium
According to YCharts, ETHE has a discount of around 4% over its NAV.

7:45 ETH Transaction Fees On The Rise (thanks NFTs)
Good news for MATIC and BTC and SOL

8:00 MSFT & BABA use ETH to Combat Piracy Solution
Microsoft, Alibaba, and Carnegie Mellon University ETH solution has “4 pillars” in its design: full transparency, incentive, information, and optimization.

9:50 Why is Solana on Fire
3 Reasons

12:00 Welcome SOL to the Top 10
Friday 11bn – market cap today 18.7BN market cap after 70% gains. DOT next in line….

12:10 FTX and Sam also behind SOL

13:00 ADA Army Strong
Go Mike Novogratz – key lesson is you cannot catch every trade – you cannot win them all – but just be on the fastest horses.

14:18 Why TNX
10yr TY continues its fall, -4.0bp today to 1.236% as talk of tapering in the face of economic

15:10 Why Care About the 10 Year Treasury?
In the past, The dollar index has closely tracked a surge in Treasury yields this year

16:00 1971 US$ FIAT – WTF

17:37 Investing Can Be Stressful
If it is too stressful for you – the best advice is to leave the game.

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