Is it too late to buy altcoins now in this current market? | Altcoin Analysis | Sep 2, 2021

00:00 Introduction
00:25 Overall cryptocurrency marketcap analysis and how we can use this chart to determine whether it is a good time or not to buy altcoins
05:20 Bitcoin dominance chart analysis and how we can logically conclude that there is still should be room for altcoin valuation growth
09:03 Three tips for beginners on how to know which altcoin to choose and when to enter into your position for the project

In this video on The Noob Trader channel, I will analyze whether it is too late to buy altcoins in this Cryptocurrency bubble that we are currently experiencing.

I will discuss how you can use the Overall Cryptomarket Cap charts and the Bitcoin Dominance charts to determine for yourself whether it is too late or not to get into your favorite altcoin project.

I will also talk about 3 tips that I can suggest to beginners of Crypto that you can use to determine which altcoin project you want to open a position in.

I was rambling a bit because I was so exhausted, so I put timestamps. If you have a question, definitely leave a comment and I will answer to the best of my ability.


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