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The BEST Crypto Exchange as of Oct 2021

Singapore broke up with Binance, so what’s the next best exchange? Here’s a comparison of 19 Crypto Exchanges to see which is the BEST crypto exchange as of October 2021! If you found this video helpful, you know what to do!

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0:00 Who this video is for
0:44 Shoutouts
1:20 The Public Spreadsheet
2:12 What’s Popular in Singapore
3:00 SG Updates
4:59 Workarounds
5:40 Pro Tips for the Sheet
7:21 How to Read Trading Fees
9:30 How to check FX Rates
10:44 Cheapest Exchanges to Buy
15:10 Best Exchanges to Earn
16:50 Coin Considerations Tip
20:10 Best Exchanges for Cards
20:52 Best Exchanges to Cash Out
23:28 Problematic Exchanges
25:09 Safest Exchanges
28:54 Beginner-Friendly Exchanges
31:44 Best Exchange for Traders
32:25 My TOP Exchanges

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