Raoul Pal INSANE New Ethereum and Bitcoin Price Prediction | Latest Interview on Crypto

Raoul Pal INSANE New Ethereum and Bitcoin Price Prediction 2021 | Latest Interview on Crypto Portfolio & Exit Strategy

In this video, we will go over what Raoul Pal, fresh off his interview with Michael Saylor has MOST recently said about Ethereum, and why he thinks Bitcoin, Ethereum and the entire Cryptocurrency market is about to explode.

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Former hedge fund Manager turned Macro Investment analyst Raoul Pal is yet to be wrong in his predictions for the Crypto markets.

Just this morning, he explained why he is expecting a $40,000 Ethereum and a $400,000 dollar Bitcoin this cycle, with a year end target for a $15,000 Dollar Ethereum and $200,000 dollar Bitcoin.

In this video, we are going to breakdown everything Raoul Pal had to say about Ethereum, Bitcoin and his top alt coins, as well as cover the most recent on-chain data to prove that he may well be correct once again in his predictions.

Make sure to stick around to the end of the video to hear what Raoul Pals exit strategy is for this cycle, as well as his overall macro outlook.

First up, here is Raoul with his Ethereum prediction, followed by the latest on-chain analysis.

About Raoul Pal:

Raoul Pal is a former hedge fund manager who retired at 36, Raoul Pal is a co-founder of Real Vision, a financial media company offering in-depth video interviews and research publications from the world’s best investors.

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0:00 “ETH to $40,000…”
1:25 Raoul Pal Latest Ethereum Update
2:51 On-Chain Ethereum Data (Supply SHOCK October!)
4:13 Bitcoin to $400,000 & Latest BTC Analysis
5:57 On-Chain Bitcoin Data (All Time High COMING!)
6:57 BEST Crypto Portfolio Allocation (Raoul Pal)
8:43 Raoul Pal Explains Top Altcoins for EOY Bull-Run
11:34 “Is Your Allocation Weighted Correctly?”
12:05 Raoul’s Exit Strategy for Mid Bull-Run
12:35 Raouls Crypto Market Cap Prediction (100x Coming!)

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