The Simpsons: Bill Cipher Cameo – "Buy Crypto Suckers!" [Ft. Loki, Mickey Mouse, Jesus & Others]

Yellow! You’ll have to speak up, I’m wearing a towel. With the second episode of Season 33 airing, The Simpsons writers wasted no time bringing in a nice cameo for the audience to talk about. In “Bart’s in Jail”, after confronting the scammers who took $10,000 from Grandpa, The Simpsons go to eat at ‘ZERZ an All-Appetizer Restaurant. There they see (or possibly imagine) Loki, who introduces the Cameo of Bill Cipher who is voiced by his original voice actor on Gravity Falls, Alexander Robert Hirsch. It is definitely fun and interesting to see Bill Cipher in the same universe as The Simpsons.

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