Ethereum Price Prediction 2021 – Why Ethereum Will Hit $20,000!

In this video I reveal my Ethereum price prediction for 2021. I discuss why Ethereum will hit $20,000 by the end of this bull cycle. I talk about the Ethereum new catalyst that will send this altcoin much higher.

We discuss everything from ETH technical analysis, on-chain analysis, to the latest Ethereum news. We talk about how the large NFT marketplace on OpenSea is making an impact on the ETH price. We also discuss how ETH token burning on EIP-1559 is causing upward pressure on the price of ETH.

We talk about how large institutional investors are purchasing ETH for their spot ETF in Canada. We discuss the TVL, and how staking has taken a huge amount of ETH out of circulation. Lastly, I summarize everything, and give you my Ethereum price target. This is an episode that you won’t want to miss!

For your convenience, here are the timestamps:
0:00 – Epic Intro
1:01- Massive drop in Ethereum exchange reserves
1:28 – ETH Coinbase Outflow
1:37 – ETH All Exchanges Reserve
1:59 – ETH All Exchanges Netflow
2:23 – Institutional Investors’ Interest in Ethereum Is Increasing
2:37 – Institutional Ethereum Investors
3:12 – Ethereum futures ETF might be next
3:29 – OpenSea Active Users Surging Again
3:39 – ETH token burning with EIP-1559
4:05 – ETH 2.0 Staking Inflow Total
4:17 – Total Value Staked ETH 2.0
4:35 – Ethereum Total Value Locked
4:47 – Raoul Pal’s Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Prediction
5:34 – My Ethereum Price Prediction For This Bull Cycle

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