The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets

There are many types of crypto wallets in which you can store your crypto currencies. Depending upon your use of this crypto currency and the level to which you want it secured, you can use different types of Crypto Wallets. In this video we talk about the following types of cryptowallets-
-Hardware Wallets
-Paper Wallets
-Mobile Wallets
-Desktop Wallets
-Web Wallets
If you want to use a Crypto-Wallets for day to day activities, Mobile wallets might be the best one for you because of it’s ease of use

0:00 Intro
0:45 Hardware wallets
1:35 Paper wallets
2:52 Desktop wallets
4:01 Mobile wallets
4:54 Web wallets
5:33 Hosted wallets
5:43 Non-hosted wallets
6:02 Outro

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