The Horrific TRUTH Behind XRP

We have been talking about this since the beginning that XRP is here to make a new financial system with faster, cheaper, scalable and sustainable features. These features make the financial institutions and banks to join Ripple and use its network. Around 400 banks are currently working with ir under Ripple directly and we can not count on the banks that are working indirectly with Ripple. Ripple is taking all these financial institutions under its umbrella so when the time will come, XRP will be ruling all the banks around the globe. The more the banks get partnered up with Ripple, the more its position will get strong.
So the global financial system needs billions and trillions of dollars. According to the experts, in order to manage the trillion dollars of this system when launched, it needs to be perfect. XRP was meant to be the new financial system and the lawsuit between Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission is also helping Ripple in the way that once it will be over, XRP will be the only fully regulated crypto currency. No other currency will have such leverage.
Ripple is here for a purpose. It is building an empire around the world with partnerships. The employees at Ripple are also the ones that have their experiences from the US treasury, the Securities and Exchange Commission, Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve, NSA, Google, Apple, Deloitte and many more. The system Ripple is developing obviously needs personnel with intriguing experiences to run the system. It is building a team from all backgrounds and it is just a proof that something really big is coming and Ripple has been planning it for years.

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