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How Hackers Steal Your Crypto Without You Knowing… And How to Prevent it. – George Levy #criptocurrency #cripto presents:

One of the threats of owning and managing cryptocurrency is having a hacker steal your crypto. There are many ways that hackers can get a hold of your coins, and unfortunately, sometimes you won’t even know you’ve been hacked until it’s too late.

In this video I talk about how hackers can steal your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency without you even knowing, and steps you can take to prevent that from happening.

BTW, the Bitcoin paperwallet address I shared in the video is a “throwaway” address and I do not check it (it’s why I shared both public and private keys for your benefit)

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I’m not sharing any of my REAL private keys! 🙂

I disabled comments on this video as it became a magnet for HACKERS trying to trick people into believing that you can retrieve stolen bitcoins.

If you have had any cryptocurrency stolen, your only option is to contact the authorities and see what steps they recommend. There are no “helpful hackers” that will be able to retrieve your crypto… they’ll just steal more of your coins.

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