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It’s very important to manage your cryptocurrency safely. We assist in buying and selling bitcoins, but you are responsible for managing them yourself. This is the beauty of crypto: you are your own bank! Subscribe to the channel for all the latests news on cryptocurrency:

You manage your coins using a wallet. More information:

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Disclaimer: The information in this video is not supposed to be used as investment advice or recommendation for the selling or buying of cryptocurrencies. The trading of digital currencies involves a significant risk and is at own risk.

Welcome to the YouTube Channel of BTC Direct. Here we tell you all about the bitcoin course and the latest bitcoin news, we discuss the ethereum course, tell you the news on Ripple and we tell you how the litecoin price is doing. Next to that we discuss all there is to know about the cryptocurrencies, we show you how to buy crypto’s and review the possibilities of a wallet for bitcoin and other coins. You can also find tutorials about the purchase of crypto money.

We take you with us trough the prices of all cryptocurrencies daily and so much more

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