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Kucoin Review: The best crypto exchange for everyone! #criptocurrency #cripto

Kucoin tutorial for beginners: There is no verification process to start using Kucoin so anyone in the world can start trading on Kucoin as long as they can fund their account with cryptocurrency.

00:00 Kucoin Review
01:43 Kucoin Pros/Cons
02:37 Assets Overview explained
05:22 Is Kucoin Safe?
07:01 How does Kucoin rank?
07:30 Should you use Kucoin?
08:46 Kucoin Promos
10:30 Crypto Trading bot
11:56 Kucoin promo code terms
12:52 Kucoin Sign up Requirements (very few)
13:25 Securing your Kucoin Account
15:37 Funding your Kucoin Account
19:09 Kucoin Log in bug
19:32 Navigating the Markets page
21:27 How to Trade using Kucoin
27:06 Kucoin Fees and KuCoin token
27:59 Withdrawing your coins

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