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How To Use A Peer to Peer Crypto Exchanges Explained #criptocurrency #cripto

Peer-to-Peer crypto exchanges offer a unique service in that they allow users of the platform to trade with each other. In places where crypto censorship is high, Peer-to-Peer crypto exchanges provide access to crypto traders.

Peer-to-Peer crypto exchanges have an added economic incentive for users. For each trade a user gets to make a profit off buying or selling crypto.
To solve the issue of universal payments method. Some platforms offer multiple payments ranging from bank transfers, mobile money, payment gateways such as PayPal, and shopping cards such as iTunes, Google cards.
So this bouquet of payments opens up possibilities for adhoc remittance opportunities.

For instance, I could send cash to a friend by selling my crypto to a trader who could pay me as a bank transfer or mobile to my prescribed account number or phone number.

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