Bloggers + Cryptocurrency = Best Altcoin for 2018? #altcoinseason #altcoin


Looking for the Best Altcoin for 2018? Then you are going to love this new social media blogging platform Steemit!

Would you like to learn how to get paid to blog just like you would on social media? How about investing in one of the hottest new crypto-currencies that almost no one has ever heard of! In this video I am going to share with you how to get started on the new social media blogging website Steemit.

What exactly is Steemit? Steemit is a social network powered by block chain technology that functions similar to Reddit, But with MAJOR differences. Steemit pays both its content creators and curators for their work.

How is this made possible and how do you actually get paid? This is possible because the Steemit platform is built on top of a new kind of digital currency called Steem. Think Bitcoin, but way better.

Steem which is a digital currency steemit uses – allows users free 3 second transactions maintained on a decentralized network of servers. Steem is the number one transacted cryptocurrnecy with more than 1 Million transcations daily. With more than 500,000+ users and growing Steemit is on pace to pass Bitcoin in wallets within 5 years and be one of the most valuable digital currencies ever created.

At the time of this recording STEEM has a market evaluation of close to 2 BILLION DOLLARS!

So, who is Steemit this for?

Steemit is a place for content creators, but also serious investors, learners, and social media enthusiasts. You can get started today because the Steem blockchain allows for any from all around the world to sign up for FREE and start posting immediately!

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