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Always Have Backups: Which Cryptocurrency Exchange Companies to Use When Buying Bitcoin #criptocurrency #cripto

Learning How to Buy Bitcoin? This is a video on what companies I use to buy my bitcoin. I always buy bitcoin first and then exchange to the lower coins. I go in depth on the best cryptocurrency exchange companies for me. All links below to help you get started

Set Up Coinbase: My favorite because it is a trusted Company. Get a free $10 on me when you deposit $100

Set Up Your Gdax Account: Avoid Coinbase fees by transferring bitcoin to Gdax before you transfer to another exhange company

Setup Binance: My favorite coin exchange. Seems more secure AND has so many more ALT (alternative) coins. I love Binance. Need I say more?

Setup Kucoin:

Setup Kraken: My backup to Coinbase. Allows only bank withdawals so deposits and withdrawals will take longer. Can be glitchy

How to save fees by transferring bitcoin from Coinbase to Gdax.

How will you pay taxes on your cryptocurrency? Check out my Cryptocurrency Tax Spreadsheet. Use Promo BROOTS2018 for 40% Off Of the B-Roots Cryptocurrency Tax Spreadsheet. This is ONLY for the 1st 500 customers.

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