Stellar ($XLM), Cross-Border Payments, Stablecoins Future, $USD Colonization, Bitcoin in 2021 #altcoinseason #altcoin

Join Layer1 as the team sits down w/ Justin Rice of the Stellar Foundation, to discuss the future of cross-border payments, stablecoin regulations across the world, Bitcoin and Ethereum narratives today, and his thoughts on the future of #DeFi.



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0:00 Start
2:10 Justin’s Story
4:30 Stellar and Stellar Foundation
7:11 Cross-Border Payments Today
10:19 Working with Regulators
12:40 Where do you expect the most growth in stable coins?
14:25 USD Colonization
16:15 Stellar Foundation and Governance
21:15 Stellar vs. Ripple
24:35 Using the Stellar Network
26:42 Examples of Funded Initiatives
30:25 DeFi on Stellar?
33:37 Stellar Roadmap
35:15 Ethereum in 2021
41:36 Will savings on txs be passed to end users?
44:04 Pressure to stay relevant?
46:00 What is Bitcoin’s Narrative now?
49:38 What next for DeFi
51:25 Book Recommendation

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This is not financial advice, and information was found publicly on the internet. Opinions shared on this episode are solely of the Layer1 team. All information is public domain. Please do your own research.


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