Understanding Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum And Future of Cryptocurrency | Coffee with Katherine #criptocurrency #cripto

Decrypt editor-in-chief Daniel Roberts joined Katherine Ross to better your understanding of bitcoin, ether, Dogecoin and where cryptocurrency heads next in the latest episode of Coffee With Katherine, taped just as Doge Day dominated Twitter feeds and Ethereum crossed fresh highs.

0:00 – Intro
2:00 – Bitcoin vs. Stocks
2:45 – HODL – Hold On For Dear Life
4:17 – Is Bitcoin the Apple of Crypto?
6:44 – Understanding Price Dips in Bitcoin
8:52 – How Crypto Sentiment Differs Internationally
11:35 – What Effect Could Regulation Have on Bitcoin?
14:18 – Who Should Regulate Cryptocurrency?
17:12 – Ethereum vs. Bitcoin
20:00 – What is an Altcoin?
22:14 – What Part Does Media Play in Crypto?
27:15 – How To Buy Altcoins
29:56 – Beware Misinformation in Crypto Space
34:47 – Answering The Most Common Crypto Questions
37:33 – What Part Does Crypto Play in NFTs?
39:21 – How Wall Street’s Crypto Conversation Has Evolved


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