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In today’s cryptocurrencies news; Bitcoin ETF approve rumors, BTC hits $1T, $1.6B bitcoin bought by whale, George Soros own Bitcoin, Ethereum Dominates DeFi with $200b, MoneyGram Partner with Stellar & USDC, SHIB on fire, Mark Cuban says Doge better than Bitcoin,XRP Holders can Assist court, Solana (SOL) on by Skrill & NETELLER, Chainlink (LINK) stablecoin, Chainalysis acquires Excygent, Bank of America ‘Bullish’ on Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi & NFTs, Elizabeth Warren introduces crypto industry bill, UAE BitOasis raises $30M and Riot Blockchain hoarding $194M in Bitcoin.

~~~ TimeStamps ~~~
00:0 Intro
0:42 Cryptocurrencies prices overview
2:50 Bitcoin news – BTC ETFs
8:46 George Soros Owns BTC
10:10 Ethereum Dominates DeFi
12:26 Moneygram Partners Stellar & Circle
14:00 SHIB INU beats XRP, DOGE Solana
16:10 Mark Cuban says DOGE better than BTC
17:00 XRP case updates
18:12 Solana on Skrill & NETELLER
19:20 Chainlink (LINK) stablecoin
21:10 Chainalysis acquires Excygent
23:00 Bank of America okays BTC, ETH, DeFi & NFTs
24:05 Senator Warren Crypto Bill
25:38 UAE BitOasis raise $30m
27:00 Riot Blockchain is hoarding
28:41 Remarks

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