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MCC 2019: Jack Mallers – The Unsolved Problem of Bitcoin Derivatives #Bitcoin #btc #BitcoinMillionaire

Jack Mallers, Founder of Zap, talks about Bitcoin derivatives.

About MCC:
The Magical Crypto Conference (MCC) is a fun and light-hearted conference that invites everyone who wants to be involved in the various topics surrounding Bitcoin to participate, network, and learn.

Technical decision makers and strategy influencers from all over the world mingle at MCC and listen to multifaceted talks by leaders and pioneers of the industry.

Held in May 2019, the inaugural Magical Crypto Conference was a stunning success. In September 2020, MCCVR 2020 took Bitcoin fans to the marvellous Magical Crypto Friends world in VR. We plan to continue the saga with future events planned in New York.

About MCF:
Magical Crypto Friends (MCF) is a collaboration between Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, Blockstream CSO and Pixelmatic CEO Samson Mow, former Monero Lead Maintainer Riccardo Spagni, and angel investor WhalePanda.

In October 2017, we started our YouTube show, which has since gained widespread popularity. On the MCF Show, we discuss industry news and technical questions surrounding Bitcoin in a humorous way that is fun to follow and easy to understand.

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Twitter: @magicalcrypto
Facebook: @magicalcrypto


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