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WTF?! BIGGEST BITCOIN HACK IN HISTORY? (Ellio Reacts) #Bitcoin #btc #BitcoinMillionaire

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What’s good E.T Fam? I hope you all are well. To say that today has been interesting would be an understatement. One thing I can say about this industry is that even on seemingly chill days, the crypto gods will always deliver some of the weirdest stories that any industry has to offer. Earlier today it was reported that the Justice Department made its largest seizure of cryptocurrency ever. They seized over $3.6B worth of crypto that was stolen in a Bitfinex hack back in 2016. You read that right. $3.6B!!! Not only is this the JD’s largest seizure of crypto, it is their largest financial seizure ever.

Crazy right? Well, if you all think that’s something, wait until we cover the details of the crime. The shenanigans from the culprits that have been revealed is the most interesting part of the entire story. Crypto Twitter has been in a frenzy all day today as a result. Today is one of those days where fact is truly stranger than fiction. Stay safe and much love E.T Fam!

00:00 – Feds arrest married couple, seize 3.6 billion in hacked bitcoin funds
00:54 – 2016 Bitcoin hack on Bitfinex
02:45 – The largest single seizure of funds in the JD’s history
04:06 – The culprit’s TikTok
06:23 – Ironic tweet
07:07 – Outro

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