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Which crypto exchange have the lowest fees? Comparing 13 exchanges trading & credit card fees #criptocurrency #cripto

This is a fee comparison between the 13 biggest crypto currency exchanges. The fee is specifically targeting the trading fee and the fee when going from fiat to crypto with a credit/debit card. This video will therefore show the current exchange with the lowest fees. This video will specifically answer the question, which crypto exchange has the lowest credit card fees. If you think the crypto credit card fee is too high at your current exchange this video might be of good help. If you are a trader and want to lower your trading fees, the best crypto exchange for day trading, then this video is also for you. At some crypto exchanges you can buy crypto without a fee, but that I mention in the end of this video. I will be covering binance fees, bitfinex fees, coinbase pro fees, kraken fees, kucoin fees, fees, fees, coinone fees, gemini fees, houbi fees, bitstamp fees, bithumb fees and poloniex fees.

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