XRP: Everything You Need to Know About Ripple Labs' Currency! #xrp #XRPCommunity

In this video we’ll discuss:
— What exactly is this thing called Ripple? Or XRP? or XRP Ripple? Let’s get that figured out.
— We’ll go over how it works and review some of the technology behind it.
— While also delving into all the juicy gossip. Why the hype? Why this could be the one that takes you to the proverbial moon? Or why you may need to hit eject before this rocket crashes and burns.
And to round things out, we’ll explain why the SEC has been so upset with Ripple, and give you an update on the latest news.

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00:00 Intro
01:19 What is XRP/ How does it work?
01:59 How is XRP used?
04:02 Hype
05:42 Centralization
06:24 Transactions Per Second
06:49 Banks Adoption
07:12 Volatility
07:47 What has been going on with the SEC and Ripple?
09:19 Recap

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