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Centralized Vs Decentralized Exchanges #criptocurrency #cripto

Crypto Centralized and Decentralized exchanges are also called CEX & DEX. Today we aill discuss their difference in detail and see their pros and cons. CEX exchanges are much faster than DEX’s. DEX’s provides a passive income source by providing their users yield farming and liquidity pool. On the other hand CEX’s provide you Spot Trading, Future Trading, Crypto Loans, Grid Bots, P2P Trading and much more. Binance, Kucoin and Coinbase are centralized exchanges whereas Uniswap, DyDx and pancake swap are Decentralized exchanges.
You will learn all about cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency Trading, Cryptocurrency Mining, Crypto Bot Trading and Crypto Automatic Trading including 3commas trading bots, 3commas grid bots, 3commas option bots, Advance DCA bots and 3commas Gordon bots and how to make money from trading, mining and a lot of trading strategies for beginners.
Altfins platform is used for crypto trading strategies, for automated chart patterns, Trading signals and for crypto news and crypto events. Altfins is a very easy and unique platform for learning crypto trading for beginners.
3commas platform will be used for automatic bot trading of cryptocurrencies different trading strategies for bots will be used by using it. Tutorials of alternative of 3commas like Trality Bots, Coinrule trading bots, Bitsgap crypto trading bots and many other platforms are also available on channel.
Mining of cryptos like veruscoin mining and monero mining will also be discussed and how to use mining software’s.


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