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What is Hex, and how did it gain 2,700% in 1 year? Richard Heart challenges 'scam' accusations #criptocurrency #cripto

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On a 1-year return basis, Hex grew roughly 2,700%. At its highs earlier in July, it reached a market cap of $65 billion, making it briefly the world’s third largest coin by market capitalization.

Hex has drawn criticism from people in the crypto community who call it a “scam” or “ponzi scheme”. Founder Richard Heart addresses these concerns with Kitco News anchor David Lin.

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0:00 – Introduction to Richard Heart, Hex
9:40 – Is Hex a ponzi scheme?
16:33 – Hex’s market cap
22:29 – Hex’s ownership distribution
26:45 – Hex’s time lock
28:30 – How many Hex users are there?
31:43 – Hex’s interest rates
32:40 – How to identify a scam coin
36:00 – Has Richard Heart been indicted of financial fraud?

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