Cryptocurrency arbitrage trading #25: Closing all open positions, taking advantage of MMs bot logic #criptocurrency #cripto

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This account started with 1 #BTC and all the profits are from #trading.
Every trade is done on camera, video playlist can be found here:
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🤦‍♂️I’m providing educational videos because YouTube is full of factually incorrect / irrelevant content💯
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💸💰Register a new account with the link below to get fee discounts. Links are followed by low tier fee schedules in a format: “maker/taker%”🤑💵

The most liquid Crypto market with 100x leverage. Massive 35k BTC insurance fund will prevent you from getting “auto deleveraged”. You have claim to these BTC if BitMEX gets in trouble. Limited ability to submit orders at peak volatility when you’re far from Irish servers

👉10% for spot account:, then 👉10% for futures account:
SPOT ACCOUNT: Superb ALT selection and liquidity. Don’t buy “Binance Leveraged Tokens”
0.075/0.075% paid in BNB
FUTURES ACCOUNT: Superb liquidity, low taker fees, competitively priced daily options
0.018/0.036% paid in BNB

Super low spot trading fees. Very liquid and innovative crypto market. FTX is run by some of the biggest liquidity providers in crypto. Wide selection of futures: ALT/Shitcoin index, Oil, Volatility, LEO, BSV, BNB, options… No withdrawal fees. Don’t buy BULL/BEAR tokens!
KYC for withdrawals ≥$1k
0.02/0.07% spot & derivatives

Deribit is the most liquid options market. Moderately liquid BTC swap & futures. Very liquid ETH USD swap & futures. No engine overload.

Derivatives require KYC. Superb futures liquidity on par with BitMEX and OKEx but Huobi taker fees are lower. USD spot fees too high.
0.02/0.03% futures

Unique 20% discount link thanks to special relationship. Not-so-liquid. UK FCA regulated market. ETH, BCH & XRP swaps & futures. KYC. Consider BitMEX/Deribit instead.

Moderately liquid. Physically delivered futures. Consider BitMEX/Deribit instead.
0.03/0.03%, lower with FLEX token

Most advanced spot exchange. You can lend your coins for margin trading. Poor volume derivatives. Entangled in legal issues. Banking sometimes challenging.
-0.02/0.075% derivatives
0.1/0.2% spot, lower with LEO

I don’t recommend BTSE. If you’ve found an attractive premium/discount then use it but I’d rather stay away. Rookie exchange. Erased ETH chart that crashed to $10 on 12/3/20. I don’t trust volume & OI.

🤑💵 Free money: 💸💰

👉Free $10
$10 for buying $100 of crypto.
Best futures liquidity on the market 🔥. OKEx has superb liquidity but I trust BitMEX more. Illiquid options market.
0.02/0.05% derivatives
0.1/0.15% spot

👉Free $72
Register a new account, deposit ₿0.2 and you’ll get $62 + $10 social media bonus, you can withdraw ₿0.2 and gamble away $72
Zero fees, low volume. Stocks and indices trading with crypto margin coming in the future

👉Free $90
$20 for easy stuff + $50 for first deposit ≥0.5 ₿ + $20 for total deposit ≥1 ₿
Competitions with decent prizes. I don’t trust volumes & OI. Consider BitMEX/Deribit instead.

💯👌Other recommendations:👍🤑

Crypto lending and borrowing at up to 8.6% yearly interest. Safe in my opinion.

Peer to peer BTC trading

0.16/0.26% spot

-0.003/0.35% spot, good for US customers


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