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Bybit Is the First Crypto Exchange to Launch USDC Futures! Read The Description! #criptocurrency #cripto

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Promotion A: Deposits Greater Than =500 USDC, earn 20 USDC bonus
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Why Bybit’s introduction of the USDC perpetual contract is beneficial to traders.

Decentralize the allocation of stable coins to avoid unknown risks (e.g. risks caused by opaque USDT fund accounts)
At present, USDC has nearly 50% of the market share in stable coins. With Coinbase and Circle as endorsements, USDC stable coins are more compliant.
More and more users are beginning to configure USDC assets.
Bybit USDC perpetual contract is currently the only USDC on the market that uses USDC as collateral and profit and loss settlement.
USDC perpetual contract portfolio margin will be provided in the next version, so stay tuned!


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