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How to Buy BITCOIN on Coinbase in 2022 #criptocurrency #cripto

Here’s exactly how to buy your first cryptocurrency SAFELY! Add me on Instagram/TikTok: theVictoriaMiz

0:00 Intro
0:36 Bitcoin is the best performing asset of a decade
0:51 Disclaimer
1:03 Risks of investing in crypto
1:58 How to store crypto safely
2:07 Set up the brand new email address for crypto stuff
2:42 Create a strong password for the email account and crypto exchanges
3:08 SIM-swap attack
3:43 Bookmark crypto exchanges that you visit
4:25 Question to the audience
4:37 Criteria for a crypto exchange for beginners
5:05 Best crypto exchanges for beginners
5:31 What is AML and KYC
6:16 Fund your account with Coinbase and Gemini
7:01 Get your FREE Crypto with Gemini and Coinbase
7:43 Coinbase Learn and Earn
8:18 How to buy crypto on Coinbase
10:15 Outro

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Gemini will give you a $25 bonus in Bitcoin when you trade $100 within 3 days of signing up:
Or, if you’d like to invest $500 or more, Gemini will give you a $50 bonus in Bitcoin when you trade $500 within 3 days of signing up:

Coinbase Earn Program:

In this video, I will show you how you could easily buy your first Crypto asset safely & get up to $70 worth of free Bitcoin & other crypto assets.
As of 2021, Bitcoin has been the best-performing asset of a decade. It was returning on average above 200% per year, and it appreciated from under 1 cent to $39K at the time of recording this video.

Risks of investing in crypto:
I’ve got to warn you that the crypto space could also be very dangerous. See, there are a lot of cybercriminals out there who would love to hack your accounts and steal your crypto.
1. Scammers & hackers could try stealing your crypto by sending phishing emails and text messages.
2. Also, there are a lot of fake websites and fake apps pretending to be crypto exchanges and crypto wallets that aim to get your login details and steal your crypto.
Here are a few tips to ensure that you store your crypto safely.
3. Before jumping straight into buying your first crypto asset, start by setting up the brand-new email address that you will only use for crypto exchanges.
4. Next, make sure to create a strong password for your new email as well as for the crypto exchange so that no one can guess it.
5. Another pro tip is not to use sms-based verification, which is risky because of the so-called sim-swap attack. It is recommended to use an authenticator app like Authy, Google Authenticator, or Microsoft Authenticator that generates one-time 6-digit codes on your mobile device every time you log in to exchange.
6. Also, we need to be very careful about which websites we visit. It would be a good idea to bookmark the websites you will use.
7. The next piece of advice would be to secure your crypto trading operations by using an antivirus on your computer and your mobile phone to prevent sneaky cyber-attacks.

Exchanges for beginners:
In my opinion, the top 2 exchanges for beginners are Coinbase and Gemini.
But no matter what Exchange you decide to go with, they all require these two things: AML, which is Anti-money laundering & KYC, which stands for know your customer. In the rest of the video, I will buy $100 worth of Bitcoin using Coinbase. Buying crypto is very easy!

DISCLAIMER: Information provided in this video is not financial advice; it’s for entertainment purposes only. All solutions, suggestions, strategies, tips, and recommendations are shared for entertainment purposes. I’m not a financial/investment advisor. I’m sharing my personal experience and opinion. There are risks associated with investing. For investment advice, please seek the help of a financial/investment advisor(s) and conduct your due diligence. This video is accurate as of the posting date yet may not be accurate in the future. Some of the offers mentioned may no longer be available. I’m not affiliated with any of the products that I talk about in this video.

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