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COTP Scam Review : WARNING Why COTPS com Cryptos OTC Trading Platform is a SCAM! #criptocurrency #cripto

Is COTPS legit or scam? my answer: its a scam! and sorry for you if you are running this and pushing it to others without doing your research! it will end in premium tears, either for you or for the people you invite…just like everyother ponzi, some will win, many will lose… someone has invited you to check out or and are tempting you with “3% daily ROI”, this video will help you see the truth behind this PURE SCAM. This is my independent COTP Scam Review detailing why Cryptos OTC Trading Platform is a SCAM and are scam websites!
I highly recommend you do NOT give them your KYC details or ANY money. You are likely to have your identity stolen and your money!

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