How to acquire Ripple XRP working with Kraken

This video will wander you by means of purchasing Ripple working with the Kraken Trade. It can be only $.28 proper now so it is really a great acquire!

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  1. hey guys, quick question, in the vid you're trading XRP/XBT. Is there any added benefit to trading against XBT say vs USD or EUR? Many thanks

  2. Can you leave the ripple in kraken or do you have to have a gatehub wallet?

  3. "it's not instant, it's not free…but it's still awesome!" lmao i agree tho

  4. went the transaction are made. do they have to be confirmed 6/6 times or 1 confirmation is all it needs?

  5. Hi. I’m trying to open a Kraken account. The Master Key is hidden? Shouldn’t I have it for safe keepings?

  6. You did not mention anything about the fees you have paid at each step of this process.
    40 min is not bad at all these days to transfer bitcoins based on what I read and heard.
    Some say that it takes hours or even days with low fee setting.
    How much fees have you paid for this transaction? 5$ or 20$. What fee setting did you chose on your Jaxx Wallet?

    What about the fees on Kraken to convert and withdraw?

    It looks like we cannot buy Ripple from ETH on Kraken. What is the reason for that?
    Fees on ETH transfer are supposed to be lower for the same speed.

  7. Wait because today ripple fall a little bit because much going to sell. Then buy some ripples and save them for about 2years and your rich


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