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E-mail to Bitstamp:Dear Bitstamp

We transform to you in confidence to you to explain to you that a big group of traders who had been deceived for their funds by a system that possibly tactics BTC buying and selling via Bitstamp.internet.The host is known as
We only have the trace, that this host appears to be to use just one of your API interfaces as mentioned on their website:Request URL: Remote Handle:

Since the starting of the year, traders have been promised that everyday gains of about one% will be probable via arbitrage buying and selling via an autobot.Several traders from all in excess of the world, and significantly from Germany, have built payments in the variety of BTC.The system has communicated that a utmost buying and selling quantity of 1000 BTC is probable to deal with.It is estimated that all over 3000-4000 traders have accrued this 1000 BTC. This buying and selling quantity has been attained considering that a several times now.Up to this level in time, everyday gains of around one-one.five% had been on a regular basis compensated out to the traders BTC wallets. As a consequence, the confidence grew so that these 1000 BTCs had been compensated by the traders within just 4 months.At the starting of February an electronic mail message was despatched to the traders that they want to create a second Algo trader for Altcoins. Right here, everyday gains of two-three% should be probable. The buying and selling quantity should be a utmost of 200 BTCs. These 200 BTCs had been also collected and compensated by the traders.Now, nevertheless, it is in fact, that for some times no extra withdrawals are probable. The assistance does not reply no longer on emails. The phone range is no longer existent. We as traders are now incredibly unsettled and pondering if we have only been abused to build up the buying and selling quantity of 1200 BTC so that the operators can make a wonderful daily life via BTC buying and selling for them selves.We suppose that the host basically handles true buying and selling transactions via Bitstamp.internet and it is not a Ponzi plan.On the other hand, we believe that a associate of Bitstamp has to sign up properly and according to your necessities in get to get access to just one of your API interfaces.We hope that this will help us to get to the operators of the system, if needed to report the fraud and to transform the law enforcement on. We are convinced that Bitstamp also has a crucial curiosity in stopping your service as a buying and selling system from currently being misused for legal uses and hoping for your worthwhile help.We will consider all lawful actions to lawfully prosecute this fraud. We will also transform to the press to make this situation community.With your help

If you want any extra Information i will ship you a record with comprehensive data of disappointed Buyers: E-mail, Wallet Adresse, Invested Amount

Greetings Cryptony

Bitstamp Respond to:Thank you for your request, which we have properly received. Owing to an boost in demand, our response times are a bit longer than standard. Therefore, you should do not ship any further more requests for the same situation. Given that we react to just about every ticket lifted, this only serves to lengthen response times. We respect your persistence as we function to resolve your challenges. We are functioning all over the clock to make sure your situation is resolved as quickly as probable. In the meantime, should you have any further more queries, you should check out our most up-to-date news announcement ( and FAQs ( Ideal,The Bitstamp Team

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  1. i invest 3250$, to me it is big money, damn abt ! you stole from even poor people …. 🙁

  2. hi Cryptony is there any news of the company, and is there a way to set up the fbi or interpol on it.

  3. This was the deposit address where I send my coins. from Yesterday the empty it: 1WE3Bqo7C1u5RBWg6bKQwjDvGrfFiQhnC
    now the money is standing on these addresses,   18HjtXNcwjYfp95kQVXi2Bhs4WFarRVQFh,1JYFkS1BGfmizTodWW3dfimSpNJ9fjyqNN,1M8SZnJATfcLC3dYuQmHw8fhuvYuBNWW9R,16E2yrKtyzLC4w4EbfgJUQFAjd76uDpvLS

  4. 5 Million? WTF?
    Hand it over to the FBI and Interpol!

  5. you can find any thing on transfers but that goes not back to a user, maybe on the bitcoin programs online and block chain banks, as it is bitcoins they are a little unusable ( i mean you cannnot buy a bread of it) so they must redraw ik or set it back to a blockchain bank, no one will buy or sell 3 million of bitcoins at once

  6. I've also invested quite a lot ABT. A trickters, and I hope he'll hit it. My mail:

  7. nice man, storm the gates!

  8. Send me your e-mail address to

  9. I am with you and maybe we can collect datas from different user. I had some conversation with ABT. And I found the datas where the Host is registered in Panama. It is a anonymous host, so only on the official way over the police it could be possible to get informations from the provider. Let´s try. My mail:


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