Will RIPPLE (XRP) Go About $1 In 2018!? (Specialized Investigation Selling price Prediction)

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Could Ripple (XRP) Reach $1.00 and go more than In 2018?
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  1. Let me know your thoughts on Ripple and where it's heading 😉

  2. I’m gunna invest 4K in ripple when my bitcoin goes threw on Friday threw Coinbase

  3. Business Insider just predicted xrp as one of the business that will BOOM in 2018.

  4. Before Ripple reaches 1$, I believe DeepOnion might reach 3-5$. Anonymous with TOR integration and active development on their side.

  5. I love your videos man! I currently am only investing in DeepOnion its a reliable and Secure Privacy Crypto currency and they also have a big community behind them who are very involved! I would take a look!

  6. What about the escrow that will be happening before the end of 2017? Half of XRP will be locked up. This should have a huge impact on the value of XRP

  7. btc is manipulating you all. if BCH reaches more then 1700k it will be way more profitable to mine and lots of miners will switch and render btc unusable. better move your coins out of the way for the next 2 months

  8. Great video as always. Could you do a price prediction on Aragon (ANT)?

  9. #XLM is #XRP biggest competition and rival. I think #XRP will still be at $0.30/XRP at the end of the year. The company holds a huge supply of #XRP and they can devalue the coin as they need to keep transaction cost low. Stellar Lumens is a hard fork of the Ripple network. They have much better guidance and are actually making transactions. I just did an article on them and there is a fierce rivalry between the two. Check it out here:—an-in-depth-look-at-stellar.html

  10. buy POT COIN guys IS READY TO GO UP !!!!!! POT COIN

  11. Do REQ QSP and XRL prediction

  12. Could you kindly elaborate along with your analysis some potential for alt coins for short long term investments please. Like why this or that coin would be great to buy or not?!:)) Thanks in advance

  13. some people say XRP is no good some its good. IDk lol so confused at times with those alt coins lol

  14. Hi great video thanks , I like your TA , I think ripple need some big partnerships and announcements before these all time highs , looking forward to those days ! Would be great to also see one of your TA's on Stellar Lumens for 2018

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  16. XRP will make a sudden move over 1 dollar as soon as the banks announce they're "experimenting" with the XRP token, that's your cue to load up, it is quite obvious they will be using the token but can't openly announce it, not using it would be illogical, it is the perfect fit for central banking worldwide

  17. ripple will jump fast and won't be volatile overall… invest for your 2018 jump!

  18. I appreciate you The Right Trader

  19. Great videos, great channel. Very informative

  20. I hope so, I need it to go up in value, or my trading account is done for.

  21. According to the high suply and market cap i will say 2018 potential is 0.60


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