Why Ripple Will Hit $one! Ripple XRP Rate Prediction!

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  1. Hi guys. I am new to crypto. I am planning on buying XRP but I need a minimum of 20 XRPs to get the account in Gatehub started. I would highly appreciate it if someone could sent it to me at the following address rJ8AnzFLJBNBdFzeduSk8MePQYzbxrjJjC
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  2. Why would banks give up their strangle hold on the monetary system.. They worked forever to centralize? So does that support banks need for this particular. In my reading they own 70% so don't the have almost total control?

  3. Stock Market Crash = 100$ per Ripple…

  4. The Bank of England has carried out a successful test of an “inter ledger” programme developed by Ripple to synchronise a payment between two central banks’ systems.

    The test did not involve real money, nor any of the BoE’s core systems, or even use blockchain technology itself. However, the proof of concept announced on Monday evening marks an important moment for the blockchain community.
    “This is really about connectivity between central bank systems rather than replacing the central bank systems with the blockchain,” Daniel Aranda, head of Europe at Ripple, told the Financial Times. “It allows money to move between countries near-instantaneously and without settlement risk.”
    The BoE tested whether it could synchronise a multimillion-pound wholesale payment passing from its own settlement system, known as the Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), to another central bank’s core system.

    The central bank said it set up two simulated RTGS systems on a cloud computing platform, using the Ripple interledger to simultaneously process “a successful cross-border payment”. “We also demonstrated that an attempted cross-border payment that failed validation on the receiving side would not be honoured,” it said. 
    The 21-year-old RTGS system handles about £500bn of payments between banks every day, facilitating a huge range of transactions — from settling company invoices to house purchases, if this was to move over to Ripple, then the overall value of the 'coin' could soar and again increase in value in line with the growth seen with Bitcoin.

    Mark Carney, governor of the BoE, has said that changes are needed to help RTGS handle new demands as the financial industry evolves.
    He launched the overhaul three years ago after parts of the payments system suffered an embarrassing nine-hour outage that forced the BoE to start processing important transactions manually.
    The central bank has already concluded that distributed ledger technology, the shared database and cryptographic system that underpins virtual currencies such as bitcoin, is “not sufficiently mature” to support the core RTGS system.
    But it said the test of Ripple’s software had reinforced its intention to ensure the new payments settlement system was fully compatible with the new technology and “highlighted areas where we would like to conduct more exploratory work”.
    One question it flagged as needing more work was how to handle issues around the availability of liquidity when processing wholesale cross-border payments.
    Mr Aranda at Ripple said the test showed that the inter ledger, which uses cryptographic algorithms to securely co-ordinate money transfers, could reduce the time it takes to settle a large cross-border payment from between two and four days to “only a few seconds”, faster than Visa transactions, and working from bank to bank in international payments, which in turn, cuts out the Federal or National banking system that currently makes the cross border transactions.
    “Instead of having to rely on a series of counterparties, it is central bank to central bank, which is lower risk and therefore lower cost,” he said.
    In May, the Bank of Canada officially abandoned its experiment with blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, citing “a fundamental inconsistency or tension” between the country’s centralised wholesale interbank payment system and the decentralised principle of blockchain. 
    That provided plenty of ammunition to blockchain sceptics. But it contrasts with the more upbeat tone from the BoE, itself run by a former Bank of Canada governor, about its progress on harnessing new technologies to make its core payments system ready for the future.

  5. Just don't jump off when it does hit a dollar because I think it will hit about 50 which would line it up with Litecoin I think Neo is going to be like ethereum

  6. to hit 1$ ,xrp must have a market capitalization of 30 billions $.and xrp can make more than 10 $ in 5-10 years .so xrp is a great long term investment opportunity .

  7. I heard that due to how many there are, 100 Billion if I'm correct, also being pre-mined coins the value will not really pass $1.00 I invested to double or triple up on my investment. But the numbers don't add up to hit $10.00.


  9. i think there's something psychological for it to be $1 in value

  10. where can i buy ripple?

  11. I just hope Ripple goes to $1 when I have 1 Million coins 😉

  12. lol Sia isnt going anywhere. If you've used it you'd know its doomed.

  13. Its so childish to hate ripple because they are working with banks. Ripple saw a problem in the market and solving the problem. I bet most of you guys who hate banks rely on them everyday. I doubt that there are many of you guys out there who purchased your houses in CASH, most likely the purchase involved a bank. Its not perfect but for me it works.

  14. whats a good legit ripple wallet

  15. Why does this surprise anyone?? They are NOT currencies! This is all a massive con. No coins do anything that current technology doesn't do better. It's a mugs game pure & simple…….just wait till Bitcoin SPLITS in two!!  KABOOM!!

  16. Fidget spinners > some yellow coin

  17. I think ripple will be a good store of value, beyond that, who knows.

  18. The one dollar price point is inevitable, there's nothing stopping it at this point. The amount of banks using ripple, the amount of attention it's getting as well. Ripple was 0.006 cents when it passed the one cent mental barrier everything else is just a matter of time and hype, it's also dragged up by the prices of other coins, there are so many factors at this point, as people begin to invest more and more into ripple and begin to hoard it the 25 cent price now will seem like a distant memory. There is NO way that 70+ banks will get into ripple, invest in it and then allow the price to remain that low, realistically the price will be $2-3 within a few years, no way bankers won't let themselves make money on this

  19. Hey I have trouble understanding Poloniex. And I need to buy 1000 shares of Antshare bitshares Steem Iconomi.

  20. Hey Bro How do u feeel about dodge will it reach a dollar over next two years and VIACOIN I see that coming around.

  21. i put some money on ripple.
    Because I FUCKING HATE SWIFT. (simple)

  22. rilple will be disapper i think

  23. At this point I can only afford 10,000 Ripple coins or less. That many coins would cost about $2700 at today's' price of 0.2689 per coin. possessing 10,000 coins if Ripples becomes a dollar I'll have $10,000 after a few years of waiting. That"s NOT fantastic returns at all.. WTF can I do with $10K? If the Ripple Market Cap grew to 100,Billion the price of each ripple would only be $2.61. At first i thought coins like Ripple and NEM (with Billions of units ) would be a great investment. But now I'm starting to think otherwise. They might be relatively stable but they aren't big profit yields. if you got 1 million coins or more back when it was $0.003 then you're golden but the new comer need not apply.

  24. Be your own banker. Get some Ripple!

  25. I'm hoping for XRP to go down a bit more and get some more. I got some at $0.33 because I jumped in without really checking it out very much. I think it will easily be $1 in the future since XRP is limited in the sense that it is destroyed each time it's used for transaction fees. So eventually the available number of XRP is going to get smaller.

  26. what xchange u guys purchasing XRP, Ripple ???


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