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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to bitcoin mining in genesis! If you buy bitcoin please use my code to get 3% off "aHfD6S" and reply here, I'll also use yours! Thanks!

  2. How are you Boss B i will be upgrading genesis mining today i will be using your code homie !!!!!!! I will let you know so you can validate i will send you a email when i do !

  3. You are talking about the need for a 'gate' between crypto's and fiat.Well Exscudo (EON) is coming with that in next months with huge project after years of development.

  4. Good video.There is a new bot primedice game to earn 0.05 BTC per day. Video on my channel.

  5. I just exchanged the bitcoin cash from my daughter for EOS.Good deal i think.

  6. HEAT is the most profitable Proof of Stake and done w/in the wallet that has a decentral exchange to same funds w/o complications like some dPoS. Actually HEAT is also the most innovative re-use of NXT technology too. Other 'most profitable" (for me) PoS Wallets are PivX, STRAT, PART and BlackCoin… NXT isnt that rewarding but gives side coins like ARDR & IGNIS during their issues which is like a split/duplicate of tokens. GBYTE is also one of the most profitable BOT wallets that have been rewarding 20% every full moon tho that now is decreasing to 10% + some for linked bitcoin wallets… all free intangible energy!

  7. Oh yeah, I see Litecoin rising up to $400 or more by the end of the year. Boxmining is going to post something about his visit to Genesis mining – Iceland btw. Also Check out Crypto Clover who posted some interesting recent videos here on YouTube about Bitconnect & their office in Vietnam. Definitely worth investing into top coins with smart collaborations & good development team for the long term.

  8. Regardless of value it's a one to one equivalent. If you had one bitcoin you automatically have one bit coin cash etc. etc. etc. 1.5 bitcoin 1.5 bitcoin cash. At this point very nice free money!


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