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  1. My latest article about Bcash and Paypal Bitcoin flippening

  2. Thank you for the great show. What I find interesting though is that when listening to the Segwit supporters is that alot have been misled to think Segwit is going to solve Bitcoin's high and slow transaction issues. First of all a Segwit Bitcoin is not the Original bitcoin. Amongst other problems Segwit will bring, one of them is that SegBTC creates new off chain storage space which can cause susceptibility to double spend. Secondly, Segwit is for fixing transaction malleability. Yes, an unintended benefit is TEMPORARILY fixing the high and slow transaction issues. Segwit supporters also say nothing about I am talking only for 12 to 18months (depending on the number of people start using BTC) and blocks WILL fill up again. I am worried and excited about the 2X fork. I am worried about all these forks but I can’t wait so these Core Developers can have their own technologically advanced Segshitcoin that no one will use. I hope they get 0% harsh power but if I am object they should get 20-25%. Their bullying tactics and hostile takeover will finally end. Thirdly the whole argument that BCH hasn’t done anything technologically is a flawed one. BCH has only been around for 20days. BCH’s main objective is to uphold Satoshi’s vision.
    Lastly BTC was made popular by the fact that people could use it not by people like Adam Meister who probably make one transaction in a blue moon. Cash is used for day to day activities. Yes like buying coffee at Starbucks with it. All credit needs to be given to merchants and these high slow fees are a hindrance to mass adoption. I find it absurd that now all of a sudden this seems to be a foreign concept for people who support these high and slow transaction fees. People just need to go and read the Satoshi original white paper, it is titled BITCOIN: a peer to peer electronic cash system.


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  4. Apparently Koreans pumping b cash ✌️

  5. Good to keep in mind: "People have been forking Bitcoin for frickin years" Y4M
    and: "It's all about the hashin' power guys" Y4M

  6. Bitfury Group Tests ‘Real Bitcoins’ Using the Lightning Network without Segwit link below…

  7. Crypto Credit Card = We will all be living the 10,000 Bitcoin pizza nightmare!

  8. Some more irony, PayPal*** (edit) is a criminal syndicate organization who's business model revolves around double spending and fraudulent purchases in return for tax return from an even more fraudulent government entity. Bitcoin Cash is a pump and dump for us traders, I wouldn't buy or hold that shit! I'm making thousands a day with ease off these bouncy bounce bounces!

  9. ERC = Ethereum Request for Comments. ⭐️⭐️

  10. ERC = Ethereum Request for Comments. ⭐️⭐️


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